Flora Litchfield is a Visual Artist based in Edinburgh, UK


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I am a freelance Laserist and Visual Artist based in Edinburgh - working with light, video, nature and meditation.

Within my practice, I like to explore how I can shift space by using light and sound. I am passionate about the crossover between Art, technology and landscape. 

I recognise that Art has a broader influence and my work often centres around human experience and wellbeing. The work I create focuses on Chromotherapy (colour therapy) and geometry within nature. I am interested in the role colour & sound has upon affecting our mood and emotions.

Having grown up in the Scottish Borders, the North’s deindustrialisation has profoundly influenced my work- the stories, places, and people left behind are a continuous inspiration.

I began my career as a Freelance Laser Light Artist and Technician in 2018. Having graduated from Art College, knowing I wanted to work closely with Light & Sound, I got work experience with a visual production team working with lasers. Since then, I have worked and exhibited at light festivals such as -

Lightwaves, Salford Quays, 2021

Light Up Lancaster, 2021

Leeds Light Night, 2021 

Laser Light City Leeds, 2020 



The most rewarding thing about being in the event industry is that I get to see first-hand how the work I'm involved in enhances peoples experiences.


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I am always interested in creative collaborations, commissions and freelance work. 

So please get in touch.


Instagram - www.instagram.com/flolux_


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